About Oman

Oman's geographic location, maritime history and safe harbours position it well to be an important logistics hub, serving not only the region, but the whole world. Indeed, for centuries Oman has capitalised upon its strategic location on the south-eastern quarter of the Arabian Peninsula to promote trade between Southeast Asia and Africa. Its easy access to the Middle East, Asia and Africa, enables it to access trade routes that are not open to its neighbours. Its recent major investments in ports, roads, airports, a railway network and hinterland infrastructure, give it huge further potential in the maritime and logistics sectors.

Area 309,500 Km2

Capital  Muscat

Population 4.3 Mn

Coastline 3,165 Km

GDP USD 81.95 bn

Currency Omani Rial = USD 2.6

Export  $56.22 bn, petroleum, re-exports, fish, metal, textiles

Import $30.75 bn, machinery & transport equipment, manufactured goods, food, livestock, lubricants